NUTBAL's primary purpose is to provide the livestock industry the means to monitor the nutrient concentration in the animal's diet and determine if the current diet is sufficient to meet performance goals set by the producer. NUTBAL is a decision support system which models crude protein and net energy status of cattle, sheep and goats. This computerized decision aide lets the user enter their herd, environmental conditions, and establish weight performance targets. The information is then coupled with NIRS fecal analysis results from the Grazingland Animal Nutrition Lab, (GAN Lab), to produce an animal performance report and a least cost nutrition management plan.

Attention CSP Customers: The CSP Animal Nutrition Monitoring program was developed to allow producers to send in samples over the course of the year to receive relevant information on the quality of the forage being grazed by your livestock. We encourage you to work with your NRCS agent to devise an annual schedule for collecting and sending in samples, so that you do not send in all six of your samples at one time, especially near the end of the contract deadline. This will assist our lab in getting your sample information back in a timely manner for making management decisions. If you have questions about developing a sampling schedule, sample collection, or sample processing, please contact us. Thank you for your business.

Training videos on sample collection and use of the NUTBAL Online are now available. You can access these on the GANLAB's YouTube Channel.

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